Not so frequently asked questions

If you are running an umbrella and payroll business you need to ensure you know exactly what you liabilities are and if the make-up of your workforce changes you need to ensure you are covered.

For this you need to be asking some key questions of your insurance broker.

1. What is the protection provided by the Umbrella company versus that proved by the end-client?

2. What is the wording in the contract between the agency and the end-client?

3. Do you analyse the whole contractual supply chain?

4. Are errors by your Setting Out Engineers really covered?

5. How can we make umbrella insurance work for us?

6. If you work in construction, do you have specific liability cover for the movement of your Plant vehicles?

7. Did you know that Plant operators negligence cover does not cover the liabilities of non-Plant operators ie: mechanics or MOT testers?


Don't leave it too late to find out if you're fully covered...

If you work with us you will benefit from even more information and expertise similar to the above points.

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